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Our definition of craftsmanship at Ce'Bespoke is based on three simple ideas. For us, you can't be a master craftsman overnight: it comes with years – or even generations – of learning, practising and experience. Next to that, although we are not against new technologies, we believe in employing traditional skills, handmaking at an ultra-high level. Finally, it's about attention to detail. Look closely at a piece of jewellery we've made and you'll notice the tiny details that set it apart and make it entirely different from another piece. One artisan, one piece of jewellery: that's true craftsmanship.

CeBespoke Craftsmanship
CeBespoke Craftsmanship
CeBespoke Craftsmanship

    As with any truly bespoke product handcrafted in a small atelier, we aim to make this experience thoughtful, smooth and completely personalised. It is all about what you want, and how we can make it happen for you, seamlessly.


    Secondly, we believe in old-fashioned working practices. Our jewellery is not only breathtakingly beautiful: it is also accurately and correctly made, by experienced craftsmen. We produce original pieces that will stand the test of time in all senses.


    Thirdly, we love a design challenge. We want to create jewellery that gives you an uplifting sense of joy and excitement whenever you wear it.


    And finally... as well as being skilled jewellery designers and makers, we are friendly,

    helpful and fun. You will enjoy the whole experience.


    Rob Drewett has been a member of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths since the early 1980s: an association set up by one of his early teachers to promote recognition of true craftsmen in the jewellery trade, including polishers, stone cutters and setters.


    Ce'Bespoke follows the institute's code of practice which ensures that clients are kept fully informed at every stage of the design and manufacturing process, that all costs are fully explained, that sources of precious metals and gemstones are ethical, and that every finished piece is backed up by a no-quibble guarantee (see terms & conditions).

Rob Drewett


Ce'Bespoke founder Rob Drewett has had a reassuringly long career in the jewellery industry, starting as an apprentice in a diamond-mounting studio at the age of 16. Tucked away in London's
Soho, the small, award-winning studio supplied rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces and carried out repair work for Mayfair luxury jewellery businesses such as Cartier, Garrard and Asprey and the auction house Christie's. It was a workshop with great character and variety, and an interesting place to learn. After five years, Rob and two others took over the business, retained the clients and ran it for another eight years, during which he moved it to Bishop's Stortford where he lived.


Two years later Rob began working for local jeweller F.J. Zelley.  He was then invited to set up a jewellery workshop at the back of the store. This worked so well that Rob made an investment in the company and became a Director & shareholder, from then on he worked at front of house dealing with customers directly.


Eight years later, Rob opened Ce The Jeweller. The name was an amalgam of C, the chemical symbol for carbon, with E, the initials of his two children, Edward and Elizabeth. 'CE' also forms part of the name Janice – Rob's wife and longtime co-director of the business.


Ce The Jeweller sold luxurious, exciting pieces sourced from suppliers all over the world, including Frere Jacques wedding rings, Hearts on Fire diamonds, jewellery from Italian design houses such as Chimento and a small collection of watches. It dealt only in 18-carat gold and a small amount of 'designer' silver.


Robs very strong work ethic has meant that traditional, high quality craftsmanship and personal customer service are top of his list.


The launch of Ce'Bespoke – an entirely tailor-made jewellery design service – allows him to do all these things; and by designing and creating one-off pieces for the individual, he has the opportunity to create some pure magic.

The National Association of Goldsmiths
Institute of Professional Goldsmiths