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Imagine the luxury of owning a piece of jewellery that is totally unique: designed and made just for you, in collaboration with you. A piece with which you immediately have an emotional connection; an heirloom of the future. This is what bespoke is about. It's about defining who you are – your tastes, your passions, your lifestyle – and using this information as the basis for creating a unique ring, bracelet, necklace or pair of earrings for you. Behind every piece of jewellery is a master craftsman, working just on your piece, taking as long as is necessary to produce exactly what you want.



Ce'Bespoke invites you, as a customer, to be part of the process of designing your unique piece of jewellery. We believe this should be a very special, personal experience: a journey we make together through the three key stages of concept, design and crafting.

  • STEP 1

    At Ce'Bespoke we understand that, with jewellery, people need to pick it up, hold it, feel it against their skin, see it in three dimensions. We start with a private appointment, either at the studio or at the client's home or office. In the consultation process, as we get to know each other, we work through some key likes and dislikes. Straight lines or curves? Coloured gemstones or diamonds? Engraving and detailing or minimalist effect? Something contemporary or antique that has caught your eye in a magazine? The conversation can be wide-ranging, covering lifestyle, clothes, home design.

    Oval cut sapphire & round brilliant cut diamond cluster ring
  • STEP 2

    CeBespoke design process
    CeBespoke design process
    CeBespoke design process

    The next stage is to produce pencil sketches or 3D designs, this can usually be done in a matter of days, depending on the complexity of the design. From this design to the finished article usually takes 2 – 8 weeks.

  • STEP 3

    Rob adds the finishing touches to your piece of jewellery in his traditional jewellers workshop. He doesn't stop until it is perfect, every tiny detail observed. It can take days or even a couple of weeks before he is satisfied. But at the end of the process you will have been part of creating something we believe you will love for ever.

    CeBespoke design process
CeBespoke Craftsmanship


We source our diamonds in London, Belgium and
the USA, from up to six different diamond site-holders who do not work direct with the public. If we are looking for a larger stone, or for something a customer has specifically requested, we have an extensive network through which we can find it. We source our coloured gemstones from three different trusted suppliers, and we are constantly looking to achieve good value for our customers.

CeBespoke craftsmanship


At Ce'Bespoke we also offer a service to redesign your family heirlooms. If, for example, you have inherited a brooch from your great-grandmother which you love for its sentimental value but know in your heart that you are never going to wear, we can re-design it for you. Using the stones, and even the metal, we can create either a more contemporary version of the same thing, or a completely new piece of jewellery. That way her memory lives on, and so does a piece of jewellery you will love wearing.

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